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The idea

Walking half asleep into the kitchen in the middle of the night to prepare the next bottle and trying to mix the right temperature with hot and cold water - as a father of three, I know this struggle all too well.

My name is Fabian, I am one of the two founders of snoozi and this is what my nights looked like for around three years. Even though my first two children were breastfed for a long time, the nightly milk bottle simply meant comfort and warmth.

The product

Despite an intensive search, I couldn't find a product that could satisfactorily solve my night-time dilemma, so the idea of a baby bottle especially for the night slowly matured in my head. Everything had to be easier! Getting up for long periods at night should be a thing of the past, as should turning on all the lights and waking your body up in the middle of the night. Having a bottle always at the perfect water temperature with milk powder stored dry inside and easy handling - if possible with one hand - were the key. I told Marius Stolarski about the idea. And as a father of three, too, his response was: "Awesome, I need this product!"

Social responsibility

We are the parents of a new generation

As fathers, it was never a question for us that snoozi should be produced in Germany. This would ensure shorter transportation distances and thus a reduction in CO2 footprints. It would mean our products could be made with the best quality under fair working conditions. We are the parents of the next generation, and we want to shape the world into a socially and environmentally conscious place our children can grow up in.