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Well-rested parents on snoozi:

Dear parents,

Thank you so much for your great reviews! We are always very excited to read that the snoozi bottle makes your nights easier and gives you the rest you need and deserve as parents.

Marius & Fabian

"Less crying, baby happy, mum happy 😅"

Our baby gets really wild when he gets hungry and wakes up the whole house until I finish the (normal) bottle... Since we’ve had snoozi, I give them the bottle in a few seconds and he doesn't get to cry anymore ?.

Adela U.

"No mixing together first, but rather start at once 😊"

This was my 1st night with this great bottle and I am happy to have made this decision! In the evening everything was prepared and at night the bottle was ready immediately. After 10 minutes I could lie down again.

Jessica N.

"Just great, sleepless nights are finally over, we love it."

A super great bottle that my daughter accepted immediately. A push of the button is enough and the bottle is prepared at the right temperature.

Ann-Kathrin O.

"Saves me all that getting up and going to the kitchen."

Simply prep hot water and powdered milk in the bottle and when baby wakes up, push down the button and mix! AMAZING!

Anna Z.

"From the first night with the bottle, my baby was able to go right back to sleep and so was I!"

The snoozi bottle is super easy to use and really practical. I have no regrets about trying it out! It's great!

Cornelia K.

"Why didn't anyone think of this idea before..."

It is soooo much easier at night.I am an on-call nanny and so grateful for this product, you make my future nights easier. THANK YOU!

Melanie G.

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