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snoozi Nachtflasche | Babyflasche speziell für die Nacht

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✨30 nights money back guarantee

Help young parents get a better night's sleep and profit at the same time!

As a snoozi partner, you will receive promotional material from us with an individual discount code that is uniquely assigned to you. With this discount code, customers can save €10 once when ordering a snoozi bottle.

For each order that uses your discount code, you will receive a commission of €10 from us (our shop software allows us to accurately record the discount codes used and assign them to an order). At the end of each quarter, you will receive a credit note for all snoozi bottles sold with your discount code in that quarter.

So all you have to do is pass on our promotional material with your discount code to potential customers - we take care of everything else. You can do this either online, e.g. via social media, or offline with the help of flyers.

You will also receive a commission if our promotional material with your discount code has reached potential customers via several channels (for example, via social media). No matter how a customer came to us, if they use your discount code when placing an order, you will receive 10€ from us (and the customer will of course receive a 10€ discount)! 

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