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Baby sleeping tips

Sleep - the topic of conversation par excellence among tired parents. Everyone has their own tips and tricks to get the little ones to sleep. Here you can find out what midwife and sleep coach Nancy Flege considers to be the absolute "tip" number 1.

snoozi gives you and your baby security

With the snoozi night bottle, you can stay completely relaxed at night and radiate this calmness to your baby. Keep the light off and prepare the bottle in 5 seconds!

More baby sleeping tips

Closeness 🤱

Your baby feels most comfortable and safe sleeping close to you. With a baby bed right next to your own bed, you still have enough space and can easily soothe your baby if necessary.

Lights out????

Try to keep the lights off at night. This way, your baby will learn that darkness means rest and sleep. With the snoozi bottle, the lights can stay off during feeding.

Meeting needs quickly 🏃

Babies cannot yet postpone needs and therefore expect food quickly, otherwise they panic. The snoozi bottle makes milk ready to drink in 5 seconds. Your baby usually falls asleep during feeding.

Rituals 👶

Sleep rituals help your baby fall asleep more easily. Your baby's biorhythm will adjust after a while and he or she will get tired on their own. How about a baby music box?

Temperature 🥵

Infants cannot yet regulate their body temperature as well as adults. Baby sleeping bags made of warm and at the same time breathable materials ensure that your baby sleeps comfortably.

Your Scent 👃

Your scent means safety for your baby. If your baby is already sleeping in his or her own bed, you can simply put a piece of your clothing with your baby so that he or she can sense your scent.

Your scent means safety to your baby.