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Our mission

As fathers, we know sleepless nights all too well. We want to support parents during a wonderful but also stressful time.Marius, Fabian and the Rasselbande

Major sleep deprivation

The problem

Walking half asleep into the kitchen in the middle of the night to prepare the next bottle and trying to mix the right temperature with hot and cold water - as a father of three, I know this struggle all too well.

There has to be a better way!

The idea

Despite an intensive search, I couldn't find a product that could resolve my night-time dilemma, so the idea of a baby bottle specifically for the night slowly ripened in my head.  So the idea was born out of my own experience, or rather a great deal of suffering😅!

The solution

The snoozi night bottle

Getting up at night should be a thing of the past, it should also stay dark and you should be able to stay in your cosy bed at all times so that you can fall asleep again quickly. I told Marius about this idea. And as a father of three, his response was: " Awesome, I need this product!"
Made in Germany


As dads, it was never a question for us whether snoozi should be produced in Germany. On the one hand to keep the transport routes short and thus reduce the CO2 balance, and on the other hand to guarantee the best quality under fair working conditions.

For a social and environmentally conscious world our children can grow up in.