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Erfahre hier warum Eltern und Babys ihre snoozi lieben.

Expectations exceeded

"I wanted the bottles primarily so that it wouldn't happen again at night that a thermos bottle tips over, or the water just isn't the right temperature right off the bat. By having the perfect bottle really only 5 seconds away, my little one actually falls back asleep most nights while drinking and you don't feel so wiped out in the morning."



Never again without! The snoozi is a gamechanger!

"We love our snoozi! No more getting up and the bottle is at hand so quickly that our daughter doesn't cry herself in. Nights have gotten much better and last night she was even able to sleep for six hours straight. We haven't been this well rested in a long time. Thank you for this great invention!"



Long thought and then treated me - a dream

"I couldn't breastfeed fully and then had to supplement feeds at some point. Especially at night, this was a really exhausting matter. Baby cries, thermos on, cold water added, but too hot - cool off in the kitchen ....Suddenly you were wide awake."



Just great, sleepless nights are finally over, we love you.

"A super great bottle that my daughter immediately accepted, one push of a button is enough and the bottle is prepared with the right temperature. No more getting up at night and at the same time a great night light. Simply recommended."