"The issue of safety is essential to me." - Midwife Nancy – snoozi
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"The issue of safety is essential to me." - Midwife Nancy

"Das Thema Sicherheit ist für mich essenziell." - Hebamme Nancy

Sleep - the topic of conversation par excellence among tired parents. Everyone has their own tips and tricks for getting their little ones to sleep. Here you'll learn what midwife and sleep coach Nancy Flege considers to be the absolute "tip" number 1, however.

"The issue of safety is essential to me."

As parents, we are responsible for making our children feel safe at night. The main way to do that is through our closeness, because when they can smell us and perceive our closeness they feel calm and secure.


If you'd like to hear more sleep tips from Nancy, check out her podcast, Life Steps.

More baby sleep tips:

Proximity 🤱

Your baby is most comfortable and safe when sleeping close to you. With a side bed, you'll still have plenty of room in the family bed, and you can easily soothe your baby if you need to.

Lights out💡

Try turning off the lights at night. This way, your baby will learn that darkness means rest and sleep. With the snoozi, the light can stay off during feedings.

Meeting needs quickly 🏃♀️

Babies can't put off needs yet, so they expect food quickly or they will panic. The snoozi bottle is ready to drink in 5 seconds and your baby usually falls asleep during feeding.

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Finally restful nights again

The first baby bottle designed specifically for the night. Without getting up, without turning on the light and prepared in 5 seconds. Press, shake, go back to sleep!